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Shakirah Clark

Licensed Esthetician

Hello! My name is Shakirah, your new lash bestie! As a Licensed Esthetician, I am not only a skilled professional but also a beauty enthusiast who genuinely cares about the confidence and well-being of my clients. With over a decade of experience in the service industry, I bring a wealth of expertise to my role as a Licensed Esthetician. My journey began with a deep-rooted passion for skincare and body care, and overall beauty. This dedication led me to pursue formal education in Esthetics, where I obtained my license and embarked on a fulfilling career.

Commencing my journey in the beauty industry, I initially immersed myself in the art of facials. While I enjoyed the transformative effects of facials, my true calling became evident when I delved into the world of lash artistry. After completing a comprehensive course and obtaining certification, I discovered a profound passion for enhancing natural beauty through the intricate art of lash extensions.

Beyond my technical skills, my commitment to providing unparalleled customer service has been a constant throughout my career. With a solid foundation in the service industry, I've honed the art of ensuring each client receives not only exceptional beauty treatments but also an experience characterized by safety, sanitation, and utmost comfort.

My approach is anchored in a dedication to prioritize the well-being of my clients, placing emphasis on lash health and overall satisfaction. I understand the importance of creating a comfortable and enjoyable environment, where clients can relax and trust in the quality of service provided.

I look forward to bringing my extensive background, passion, and commitment to delivering an elevated beauty experience tailored just for you.

Shakirah Clark
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