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  • If you’ve been in the skincare game for long, you know the natural benefits that come from rose and honey. Uncover your youthful complexion with natural rosehip extracts and enjoy the scent of geranium essential oil added to this natural rose & honey soap. Honey in all of its healing properties, evens out skin tone, speeds healing, and reduces inflammation. With the right blend of shea butter and farm fresh goat milk, this soap is the perfect route to get to healthier, glowing skin.

    Natural Rose & Honey Soap

    SKU: 11996-BLNK-JE-07-06-NS10
      • Rosehip extract enhances youthful complexion
      • Honey smooths uneven skin tone, speeds healing, and reduces inflammation
      • Blend of oils and butters provide creamy lather
      • Versatile for body, face, shaving or hand soap
      • Chemical-free without the use of parabens
      • Suitable for all skin types
      • Pair with Rosehip Serum for maximum results
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