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  • Try this natural fresh turmeric soap to tackle dull skin, dark circles, and acne scarring. Turmeric has properties such as vitamin E to revitalize skin cells and a multitude of cosmetic benefits. The bioactive component of curcumin in turmeric has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These helpful properties provide a healthy glow to the skin after just one use. With a blend of natural oils and goat milk, leave your skin feeling silky soft and refreshed.

    Natural Fresh Turmeric Soap

    SKU: 11996-BLNK-JE-07-06-NS13
      • Neem oil controls excessive oiliness and stimulates collagen production
      • Basil’s antioxidant properties nourish, repair, and brighten skin complexion
      • Perfect for acne-prone skin
      • Versatile for body, face, shaving or hand soap
      • Chemical-free without the use of parabens
      • Suitable for all skin types
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