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  • Prepare for a moisturizing cleanse with our kale face cleanser. Strengthen your skin with natural ingredients such as kale, carrot, lemon and chamomile protein with a gentle lather. Packed with aloe vera, green tea and chamomile extracts, your skin will feel plump and rejuvenated. This gentle cleanser is the perfect morning and night routine addition with effective ingredients to clean oils and dirt. Perfect for any skin type.

    Kale Face Cleanser

    SKU: 11996-BLNK-PV-03-02-KCL

      • Kale protein protects skin’s natural moisture barrier
      • Aloe vera and green tea hydrates skin
      • Carrot and lemon amino acids plump the skin
      • Perfect for all skin types
      • Paraben and gluten free
      • Vegan and cruelty free 



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