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  • A gentle yet fast-acting exfoliant that improves your skin complexion. This potent serum expertly evens hyperpigmentation, smoothes your skin tone, and refines skin texture. The use of glycerin provides a layer of nourishing hydration for an all-day supple feel to your skin. An addition of vitamin E provides antioxidant properties while squalane locks in extreme moisture and hydration. Suitable for all skin types and the perfect solution for blemishes, blackheads, and residual marks, you’ll love this new addition to your serum collection.

    Glycolic Acid Serum

    SKU: 11996-BLNK-GF-03-02-GLYS
      • Glycolic acid evens out hyperpigmentation and smoothes skin tone
      • Vitamin E’s antioxidant properties support healing processes
      • Squalene locks in extreme moisture and hydrating
      • Suitable for all skin types
      • Paraben free and cruelty free
      • Vegan
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