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Product of the Month: The Best Day Ever

Daily Multivitamin for Women

Product of the Month: The Best Day Ever

Get ready to have the Best Day EVER with The Best Day EVER Multivitamin! This comprehensive multivitamin meets the unique needs of all women. It contains a powerful Veggie Blend - with Carrot Taproot, Spinach leaf and Beet root - that give you that extra boost of nutrition your body needs. Plus, there's a Fruit Blend - made up of Pomegranate fruit extract, Tart Cherry Fruit Extract, and apple fruit extract - that packs a vitamin punch!

On top of that, The Best Day EVER Multivitamin has an immunity blend to support your healthy metabolism as well as an energy blend for sustained energy throughout the day. But don't worry if you're looking for ways to look your best too - this multivitamin also comes with a beauty blend to help promote radiant skin and nails. All together, The Best Day EVER Multivitamin offers at least 100% of your daily value of 24 crucial vitamins and minerals. So why not start off every day by making it the “Best Day EVER”?

- Formula with 100% or more of the daily value of 24 vitamins & mineral
- Veggie Blend, Fruit Blend, Immunity Blend*, Energy Blend*, Beauty Blend*
- Immune and Metabolism support
- Supports blood & Heart Health
- Supports radiant skin & nails
- Promotes sustained energy

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